about sideThe Alagils herd is run by Alasdair and Gill Macnab on their small farm just outside Dingwall in north Scotland which is also home to their popular Bed and Breakfast. The herd is based on elite genetics, with the foundation being embryos from leading show cow Broadmeadows Jiji, a daughter of the legendary Broadmeadows Cannon out of Broadmeadows Didi.

Having bred commercial cattle since the early 1980s, by the end of the 1990s the commercial herd was almost pure and the decision was taken to start a pedigree herd in 2003.

The aim of the herd has always been to breed commercially relevant cattle with the herd based on a solid female foundation of deep pedigreed, correct, proven female lines.

At the outset the herd was based largely on Jiji’s genetics with a number of bulls used for embryo transfer with the aim of creating a broader foundation on to which a broad range of bulls could be put with success.

This policy has created a female base in the herd which is correct and carries exceptional breed character throughout.

The herd is Johne’s and BVD accredited, Leptospirosis free and vaccinated against IBR and as a result is a closed herd with the only new genetics obtained by AI.

Early successes for the herd included Alagils Umax, a Nestor son out of Jiji, which was champion at Perth bull sales in 2004 and sold for 9000gns having also been champion at Black Isle in the same year.

Then in 2006 Alagils Ainsi, another Jiji daughter, was placed first in a class of 16 heifers at the Royal Highland, as well as winning at Nairn, Black Isle and Grantown shows. Ainsi was also shown in 2010, standing third at the Highland, as well as interbreed champion at Nairn, Black Isle and Grantown.

Ainsi has also produced most of the herd’s top priced bulls, with sons selling up to 12,000gns, and has also left a number of quality females too.

Sale highlights from the herd include Alagils Gershwin at 12,000gns, Alagils Umax at 9000gns and Alagils GT at 7000gns.